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Bramnick’s Cyber Summit: How Can Data Breaches Be Stopped?

Source: NJ 101.5 -

It seems like every week we’re hearing about some new data breach involving a major business or corporation. Many New Jerseyans are wondering if this problem will continue to get worse, or if something can be done about it.

“Cyber-security continues to be a huge challenge and part of the problem is the threat landscape continually changes, every time a new piece of software is introduced or other technology is introduced it creates certain vulnerabilities,” said James Mottola, special agent in charge of the Secret Service Newark Field Office, during a cyber-security symposium in Union.

Mottola said “those vulnerabilities are often exploited by folks that are looking to monetize, in one way shape or form, the exfiltration or the sale of data, and in particular financial data.”

Jon Bramnick

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, (R-Westfield) who organized the symposium, said part of the current problem is that businesses are afraid to discuss cyber theft, because they’re nervous it will hurt their sales.

“If you mention that a business is under attack it may affect consumer confidence in that business; they may not shop there,” he said.

Bramnick said he understands there are some things we shouldn’t talk about in a public forum, but to not have any discussion about the topic because we’re afraid “is a big mistake.”

He added if companies won’t voluntarily share this information with the state office of Homeland Security, “then we may have to require disclosure when a business is attacked in New Jersey, we may have to legislate it.”

In addition to stealing from big corporations, Mottola says cyber crooks are also stealing information from individuals, by tricking them into “opening up an email, clicking on a link that can be malicious and loading certain malware onto computer systems – so it’s critically important to continue to educate people in the public sector about all of the schemes that are out there.”

He said while it may be impossible to stop all breaches from taking place, the situation can be improved.

“For small businesses in particular, they need to look at some of these IT professionals for services that can help them protect their data, because it’s not their core business,” Mottola said.

He said officials are trying to encourage companies to “partition” information online, and then quickly respond if, and when, a breach takes place.

“Businesses have gotten much better at detecting when their systems have been infiltrated and responding to that and I think that’s an evolution, I think we’ll continue to see that. There are best practices that companies can follow to reduce the risk,” he said.

New Jersey Homeland Security Director Chris Rodriguez said cyber-security is something we all need to play a part in.

“We have adversaries out there who are interested in gathering data and information from our networks for nefarious purposes,” Rodriguez said.

He said said his Office is working to branch the technical, analytical and communication gaps between local and federal authorities, facilitate information-sharing with the private sector and engage citizens “to practice better cyber-hygiene.”

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State Experts Talk Cyber Security at Bramnick’s Summit at Kean University








Source: WBGO News -

Major security breaches at Target, Home Depot and JP Morgan are a sign that cyber attacks are a growing threat. New Jersey security experts convened for a panel at Kean University today on Monday to talk about the risk to consumers and businesses.

Jon Bramnick

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, who led the panel, says it’s key that businesses turn over information on cyber attacks as soon as they happen to help prevent more and more from happening.

“You want to let Homeland Security know that so that they can develop a defense to those attacks. But if you keep it secret because you’re afraid it hurts your business, that’s a problem for all of us.”

He says if businesses don’t volunteer the information he’ll look into legislation mandating it.

Special Agent Jim Mottola is head of the Newark office of the Secret Service. He says on the consumer side, people need to be more aware of fraudulent credit card activity.

“As you’re sitting there doing your bills Sunday morning, these are things you need to check, you need to make part of your ritual. The consumer needs to get more involved.”

Mottola says one of the simplest ways to prevent fraudulent charges is to use credit instead of debit and to always check credit reports and statements.


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Bramnick Hosts Summit on Cyber Security

Source: CBS 880 AM -

A New Jersey lawmaker is hosting a summit Monday to figure out how to improve cybersecurity in the state.

Jon Bramnick

Assembly Republican leader Jon Bramnick invited state Homeland Security officials and business leaders to the meeting, WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported.

With hackers gaining access to databases almost every day and computer viruses becoming a constant concern, the goal of the summit is to answer some key questions, Bramnick said.

“How dangerous is it now? Is it getting worse? And how vulnerable is the average person?” Bramnick, R-Westfield, told Haskell.

Bramnick said it doesn’t appear that corporate America is sharing information about cyberattacks with the government. He hopes the two sides can develop some trust.

“If government is not receiving information about the newest attack, then government and business become more vulnerable,” Bramnick said.

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Bramnick Visits Jersey City Global Charter School [photos]

Source: Assembly Republican Office -

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick met the students, staff and administration of the award-winning Jersey City Global Charter School.

Bramnick was welcomed by Jose Arango, founding board member of the award-winning school.

The school opened in 2013, and was honored with a Rookie of the Year Award at MicroSociety’s 22nd Annual National Conference, in Phoenix.








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Bramnick Visits Jersey City Charter School to Swear in Student Officers

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick visited the Jersey City Global Charter School (JCGCS) today to swear in the school’s student officers. The school was granted its charter on January 2012 and opened in 2013. Jersey City Global Charter provides a free, academically rigorous education to students in Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Jon Bramnick

“Charter schools recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn’t always provide the best learning environment for all students,” said Bramnick, R-Union, Morris and Somerset. “These schools provide innovative educational opportunities and services that inspire students to succeed. That is definitely the case at JCGCS. I am very impressed with the students, faculty and administrators at the school. I commend the student officers and faculty for their commitment and dedication.”

Students at JCGCS learn, work and manage issues encountered in the real world. Legislators, peer mediators, business owners, bankers, attorneys and community leaders work with children providing the context of a “real world” curriculum.

In July, the school was honored with a Rookie of the Year Award at MicroSociety’s 22nd Annual National Conference, in Phoenix. This annual award is given to schools demonstrating outstanding achievement within the first year of operation.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick visits with Jose Arango (center), founding board member of the Jersey City Global Charter School and school leaders.

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Bramnick Honors Cousin Brucie Prior to Assembly Session

Source: Assembly Republican Video -

Jon Bramnick

During Ceremonial Resolutions at the start of the State General Assembly today, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick honored Bruce Morrow known by many simply as “Cousin Brucie.” Cousin Brucie became a commercial radio powerhouse and household name in the 1960s while hosting a teen oriented program on WABC radio.

“Today we are all cousins. For more than 50 years the most famous voice of radio has been cousin Bruce Morrow. And all of us know when that voice comes into your car or home, you feel a little bit better,” Bramnick said.

“So on behalf of all the all the 8.5 million people in the State of New Jersey, we are here as members of the legislature to thank you for your love that you brought to New Jersey for so many years. Thank you Cousin Brucie.”

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Bramnick: Real Talk at Johnson’s Farm

Source: Assembly Republican Video -

Jon Bramnick

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick joined Senator Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown at Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford to discuss what Trenton needs to do to help small businesses create jobs.

“We’re trying to listen, and we want to make it easier to do business in the state in order to create jobs. When you are in Medford or Newark, the key is you want good jobs and good employment. Mr. Johnson has done that, his family has done that, and we’re going to call upon my friends across the aisle to put a one-year freeze on mandates, new regulations, new restrictions so we can help people like the Johnson family continue to expand,” Bramnick said.

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Bramnick Visual and Performing Arts Bill Wins Committee Approval

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Legislation Gives Equal Weight in Calculating Students’ GPA

A bill sponsored by Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick that requires school districts to weigh visual and performing arts courses just as other subjects are treated was approved by the Assembly Education Committee today. The legislation treats these classes with the same level of importance in determining a student’s grade point average (GPA).

Jon Bramnick

“This legislation creates parity between the arts and other classes,” said Bramnick, R-Union, Morris and Somerset. “No longer will artists be treated as second class citizens. Each subject in a school’s curriculum is important, including performing and visual arts. This bill brings a uniform standard to education that weighs these courses fairly for students.”

Bramnick’s bill, A-311, received the committee’s unanimous support.

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Bramnick to Testify on Visual and Performing Arts Bill

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Legislation Gives Equal Weight in Calculating Students’ G

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick will testify at the Assembly Education Committee tomorrow (Thursday) in support of legislation he sponsors requiring school districts to weigh visual and performing arts courses equally to other subjects. These classes will have the same level of importance in determining a student’s grade point average (GPA).

Jon Bramnick

“Performing and visual arts classes are an important part of a school’s curriculum,” said Bramnick, R-Union, Morris and Somerset. “This bill brings a uniform standard that weighs these courses fairly for students.”

Bramnick’s bill, A-311, will be considered by the committee at 10 a.m., in Room 15 of the State House Annex.

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Bramnick on state debt reporting bill

Source: Asbury Park Press -

The controversial state debt reporting bill that recently threatened Gov. Chris Christie’s perfect record of thwarting veto override votes is getting another look from lawmakers.

Democrats said they were blindsided when the Christie administration last week made a last-ditch stand to influence the override hours before the vote, warning Assembly Republicans the plan could create problems with Securities and Exchange Commission rules.

It was an argument not made in the bill’s first six months of consideration, including the veto Christie issued three weeks earlier, and the new position wasn’t shared with Democrats.

No Republicans opposed the measure in its first vote. In the override, nearly three dozen Republicans changed their positions or didn’t vote.

Jon Bramnick

GOP Assembly leader Jon Bramnick in a meeting with the Asbury Park Press editorial board Tuesday said the administration made a mistake in not sharing the information with ranking Democrats and bill sponsor Troy Singleton, D-Burlington.

Christie’s office did not respond to a request for comment but Singleton said he received an apology.

Bramnick, R-Union, said he’s collaborating with Christie staffers on a revised measure to have the state’s annual debt report include 10-year projections of the affordability of the state’s obligations.

“You’re going to get a debt reporting bill but it’s not going to be the same one we had,’’ Bramnick said.

Christie’s critics say he is concerned that the release of expanded economic data will bring extra attention to state’s sluggish recovery, at a time when he’s weighing a bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

The incident left Republican lawmakers muddied over the perception that they put loyalty to Christie over good government, and Bramnick said, “Generally speaking I can understand the concern of the media and anyone about the Republicans staying with the governor. But this was a very unusual set of circumstances in that the administration basically came down to the caucus and said, ‘We made a mistake.’ ”

Democrats have tried dozens of times without success to override Christie vetoes since he took office in 2010.

Bramnick said neither he nor the administration tell members of the caucus how to vote, even in cases when GOP lawmakers change their positions.

“Let’s assume the administration finds out more information and they bring it to our attention (before an override vote). I don’t think it’s a crime, if it’s believable and credible, to accept that information,’’ Bramnick said.

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