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Assemblyman Erik Peterson, R-Hunterdon and Warren, said his constituents in Hunterdon and Warren Counties continue to suffer from the power outage from last Saturday’s storm, but JCP&L is not making them feel any better with the ongoing delays that will leave some without power at least until Saturday. Despite indications from the power company that all of its customers would have power restored by midnight Friday, JCP&L’s recent update provided at noon today shows many households in the two counties will have to wait until the weekend.

According to a story in today’s Express-Times, Warren and Hunterdon Counties remain among the hardest hit areas in the state. As of this morning, Warren still had nearly 5,900 JCP&L customers without power and Hunterdon had 11,000 without power.

“People who have endured the loss of power for almost a week and see a revised schedule by JCP&L that shows they won’t have it restored until Saturday are more than disgruntled, they are angry,” said Peterson. “The Board of Public Utilities has barely finished its hearings regarding the company’s slow response after Hurricane Irene and now this event raises serious doubts in people’s minds as to whether JCP&L got the message that the company needs to improve its response time.

“How can anyone blame people for being skeptical about JCP&L’s timetable for restoring power when it is a moving target? The power company’s lack of timeliness and misinformation raises doubts in the minds of customers,” continued Peterson. “JCP&L will have a hard time convincing people in Hunterdon and Warren Counties that they have improved their crisis management practices since Hurricane Irene. I believe the Board of Public Utilities needs to critically review JCP&L’s performance in response to this snow storm in order to ensure that the company takes the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again.”

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