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Dancer Legislation to Save Simulcasting in Atlantic City Signed into Law

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Ron Dancer

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Republican Ron Dancer to protect the simulcasting of horse races in Atlantic City casinos was signed into law today by Gov. Christie. The bill, S-2626/A-3972, allows casinos to negotiate with out-of-state racetracks for signal fees.

The Borgata is the last remaining horseracing simulcast facility in Atlantic City. Current law limits the fee a casino can pay for the transmission signal. Without the enactment of this bill, permitting a higher fee, The Borgata would have lost the signal for races from Churchill Downs in Kentucky, some of the most prestigious races in the country. The new law allows casinos and out-of-state racetracks to negotiate how much casinos pay to simulcast horse races.

“We only have one casino left where you can bet on and watch the horses,” said Dancer, R – Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth. “This is a matter of survival. For simulcasting to continue in Atlantic City, it needs to be able to show the top stakes races and the best horses. This new law is about keeping pace with the market.”

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Casagrande Bill a Trifecta for Horse Racing, Casinos and Open Space

Press Release – Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande has signed on as a prime sponsor of legislation that will benefit the horseracing and casino industries in New Jersey while providing money for open space.

Caroline Casagrande

“The horse racing and casino industries are equally important to New Jersey,” said Casagrande, R-Monmouth. “This bill will bolster both industries while creating a stable source of funding for open space preservation without raising taxes.”

The measure, A-3194, authorizes slot machine gambling to be conducted at horse racetracks and dedicates a share of the revenues for open space preservation.

It directs the Division of Gaming Enforcement to establish and oversee slot machine gambling operations at horse racetracks. The revenues generated would be equitably distributed to the horse racing industry and casino licensees in accordance with a developed formula. The state’s share of revenues would be dedicated for open space preservation. Voter approval is required for the bill to be implemented.

“Our horseracing industry has been hit hard by competition from our neighboring states that have built elaborate facilities which offer racing as well as slot machines. It is way past time for us to fight back and keep these gaming dollars in New Jersey,” said Casagrande, who noted that the horseracing industry is crucial to the state’s economy.

The Garden State’s horse farms support several other businesses, from tack and feed shops to veterinary practices. A Rutgers Equine Science Center study shows the horse industry contributes $1.1 billion to New Jersey’s economy annually, with nearly 13,000 jobs generated.

Casagrande sponsors the bill with Assembly Republicans Ron Dancer and Declan O’Scanlon.

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Dancer: New Meadowlands Racetrack Beats the Odds

Source: Assembly Republican Press Release -

Last Saturday, the new $88 million Meadowlands Racetrack opened for live racing, just over three years after many wondered about the sport’s future in New Jersey. Assemblyman Ron Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth, has never doubted racing’s viability in the state and has been a forceful advocate in supporting the effort to promote its success.

Dancer was among the 15,000 patrons on-hand for the grand opening of the new track, which is operated by Jeffrey Gural, the managing partner of Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment. Dancer was the primary sponsor of a bipartisan bill (A-3710) that received unanimous legislative support and was signed into law in 2011. The bill permitted the New Jersey Sport and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) to jointly run the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park racetracks during the transitionary period until a lessee was found.

Ron Dancer

“The opening of this magnificent facility would not be possible without the bipartisan support of the Legislature and Governor Christie, and the expertise of Mr. Gural,” said Dancer. “The horse racing industry is an important part of New Jersey from an economic, environmental and entertainment perspective. Our objective over the past three years has been to create excitement at racing venues in order make the industry vibrant and successful. The opening of the new Meadowlands is an important step in achieving that objective.”

The new Meadowlands is about a third of the size of the racetrack it is replacing. Its grandstand can seat 2,200, and the clubhouse, simulcasting area, bars, upscale restaurant, sky boxes, corporate meeting rooms and outdoor terraces can hold 10,000. An outdoor facility, expected to be finished next year, will expand capacity to about 20,000 for major events such as the Hambletonian in August. The simulcasting part of the facility opened Nov. 18.

“Despite the long-shot odds that the racing industry could survive in New Jersey, this modern facility shows there is a future for this great sport in our state,” stated Dancer. “This modern facility appeals not only to avid racing fans, but to the younger generation and families as well. A fresh approach to marketing horse racing in New Jersey was needed, and the new racetrack, with all its amenities, reflects what today’s racing enthusiasts and tourists are looking for.”

Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment reported Saturday’s on-track handle at the new facility totaled $530,917, or 18-percent of the total of $2,968,600.

It was also reported that last year’s 72 day racing season at The Meadowlands, which extended from December 27, 2012 through Hambletonian Day, August 3, 2013, the total handle for the 72 days exceeded $204 Million. The average handle per night was $2,843,203. Compared to 2012, the total handle, despite racing six less days, yielded an increase of over $44 Million, or 28 percent. The average daily handle of $2,843,203 was an increase of more than $700,000 over the average daily handle in 2012, or 33 percent.

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Dancer: Allow slots at racetracks

Source: PolitickerNJ -

Ron Dancer

A lawmaker wants to balance the administration’s desire to maintain Atlantic City as the state’s gambling center with the horse racing industry’s efforts to keep their sport viable around the state.

Assemblyman Ron Dancer, (R-12), Cream Ridge, introduced two measures that also would help to fund education and reduce taxes.

ACR209 would allow voters to decide on a constitutional amendment to establish slots gambling at horse tracks.

A4427 would direct the Division of Gaming Enforcement to oversee such gambling.

A certain amount of money raised would be dedicated as education aid to lower property taxes. “This is a winning solution, a trifecta, if you will, for the casino industry, the horse racing industry and taxpayers who would all mutually benefit from allowing slot machine gambling at horse tracks throughout the state,” Dancer said in a release.

“It would provide an opportunity for casino operators to expand beyond the boundaries of Atlantic City and reach patrons who may not otherwise consider travelling to AC to engage in gambling activities and slow the exodus of Jersey residents traveling to neighboring states’ racetracks that offer slots.”

Dancer has sought to address concerns of the horse racing industry in previous legislation.

A bill he co-sponsored, A4149, will permit horse racing at the beach. After it was conditionally vetoed to remove betting provisions, the bill won concurrence and became law. Gov. Chris Christie in his CV message expressed long-held reservations about expanding wagering outside Atlantic City or at places other than racetracks.

Another bill Dancer co-sponsored, A3489/S2540, would have allowed permit holders and horsemen’s associations to enter into private contracts to distribute purse monies as they see fit in order to enhance the well-being of New Jersey’s horse racing industry.

That also drew a CV over the governor’s concerns some parties could mask parochial interests. Christie recommended having the N.J. Racing Commission approval as part of the process.

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Amodeo-Brown horse racing bill on A.C. beach signed into law

Source: Shore News Today -

Legislation that permits Atlantic City to conduct a special horse race similar to an event held for centuries in Siena, Italy was signed into law by Gov. Christie Friday, Sept. 20. The racing event will be held on the Atlantic City beach. Assemblymen John Amodeo and Chris A. Brown, both R-Atlantic, are sponsors of NJ Assembly Bill A-4149, which will allow patrons to place wagers on the race. The “American Palio in Atlantic City” is based on the Palio di Siena, an annual racing event in Italy.

“A horse racing event on the beach is a unique way to create excitement for the horse racing and tourism industries in New Jersey and will attract many fans to Atlantic City,” said Amodeo. “I am sure devoted racing fans will attend the races, but so will those who want to be part of something special. People don’t have to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to see history in the making. Now they’ll be able to spend a weekend in Atlantic City and see it up close.”

Last week, the Assembly and Senate unanimously passed the legislation by votes of 75-0 and 37-0, respectively.

“It won’t be just another day at the beach, in Atlantic City,” said Brown. “Thoroughbreds, jockeys, racing fans and tourists will be part of something quite unique. New Jersey is already home to popular racing events, such as the Hambletonian Stakes and the Haskell Invitation, and now the American Palio at Atlantic City. Watching a horse race against the backdrop of the ocean will be more than a novelty – it will be an annual event.”

A date for the American Palio in Atlantic City has not yet been determined.

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Dancer Bipartisan Bill Bringing Traditional Italian Horse Race to Atlantic City Beach Signed by Gov.

Source: Assembly Republican Press Release

Unique event will boost interest in both horse racing and Atlantic City tourism

Legislation that permits Atlantic City to conduct a special horse racing event, patterned after a race dating back to the Middle Ages in Siena, Italy was signed into law by Gov. Christie today. The racing event would be held on the city’s beach. Assemblyman Ron Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth, sponsors A-4149, which allow patrons to place wagers on the race.

Ron Dancer

“Horse racing on the beach is a unique way to put an international spotlight on both our state’s equine and tourism industries with an American version of a 700-year Italian tradition,” said Dancer. “This is a surefire trifecta: We have a winner for horse racing and Atlantic City; a perfect location on the beach, and we’re going to put on a show that’s never been seen before. I am encouraging more innovative joint ventures between the casino and racing industries, from cross-marketing promotions to future business opportunities for the casinos at the racetracks that will save jobs and raise revenues for both industries to prosper.”

The law allows a new annual race that would be an American version of Il Palio, a legendary race run for the past 700 years in the Town Square of Siena.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucester, is also a primary sponsor of the new law. The legislation would authorize the New Jersey Racing Commission to grant a special permit to hold a race on the beach – limited to once per year, over a maximum of two days. Permit holders would be allowed to operate parimutual wagering pools.

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Amodeo: Horse racing on AC beach is a win win

From: NBC 40In Atlantic City, horse racing on the beach is one step closer to becoming a reality after a vote on Friday from the New Jersey Legislature.

John Amodeo

Local lawmakers say the idea was well received.  Assemblyman John Amodeo said, “It brings in tourism, it brings in Atlantic City,and it brings in gaming. It’s a win-win situation for us here locally and it’s also a win-win situation for the horse racing industry.”

Amodeo said, “I think this is one of those things that isgoing to be a tradition here in Atlantic City from this point on.”


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Plan for Columbus Day racing on Atlantic City beach passes Assembly

Source: Atlantic City Press

A plan to allow a special horse race on Atlantic City’s beach as part of the resort’s Columbus Day celebration was unanimously approved Monday by the state Assembly.


John Amodeo

The bill, co-sponsored by Assemblyman John Amodeo, R-Atlantic, would grant a special permit to any existing race track in New Jersey to hold the race on the beach, with the event intended to draw crowds to watch the spectacle.

The race would be 6 furlongs, or three quarters of a mile, with organizers most looking at the stretch of sand that starts near the Tropicana Casino and Resort and ends in front of Boardwalk Hall.

The New Jersey Race Commission could only grant one permit per year, with races to occur on no more than two days, according to the bill. The racing commission’s permit would also allow betting to take place.

The races would be held on on Oct 11 and 13, to celebrate a 700-year-old Italian tradition called Il Palio, where a rambunctious and dangerous horse race in tight confines has been run in the town of Sienna since the 1500s. Atlantic City’s races would be run without risk to horses or jockeys, organizers have said.

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Dancer and Amodeo Advance Proposal to Bring Traditional Italian Horse Race to Atlantic City Beach

Press release — Aiming to spark interest in New Jersey horse racing and Atlantic City, Assembly Republicans Ronald S. Dancer and John Amodeo have advanced a bipartisan plan that would bring horse racing to a beach in Atlantic City – paying homage to a centuries-old Italian tradition. The legislation was approved today by the Assembly Budget Committee.

Ron Dancer

“Horse racing on the beach is a unique way to put an international spotlight on both our state’s equine and tourism industries with an American version of a 700-year Italian tradition,” Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth, said. “This is a surefire trifecta: We have a winner for horse racing and Atlantic City; we’ve got a perfect place on the beach, and we’re going to put on a show that’s never been seen before.”

The plan would permit a new annual race that would be an American version of Il Palio, a legendary race run for the past 700 years in the Town Square of Siena, Italy.

John Amodeo

“This is an exciting new American twist on a time-honored Italian tradition, which will bring some well-deserved attention to Atlantic City and our state’s horse industries,” Amodeo, R-Atlantic, said. “I’ll bet that this race will become an annual tradition for New Jersey.”

With bipartisan support from Assemblyman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucester, chairman of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, legislators hope to advance the bill, A-4149, this summer in time to hold the first race by Columbus Day.

The legislation would authorize the New Jersey Racing Commission to grant a special permit to hold a race on the beach – limited to once per year, over a maximum of two days. Permit holders would be allowed to operate parimutual wagering pools.

Read more about the proposal in The Press of Atlantic City.


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Dancer Proposes Instant Betting On Historic Races – Brings NJ Gaming To Cutting Edge, Benefits Horse Racing & Casinos

Press release — Aiming to spark interest and generate new revenue for horse racing and casino gaming, Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer has proposed bringing instant racing wagering to New Jersey.

Instant racing permits patrons to bet on previously-run races randomly selected from a video bank on special machines installed at casinos or track facilities. Bettors would see statistics for the horses without any name or other indentifying information until after the wagering window has closed.

Ron Dancer

“Both race track and casino patrons want action and instant racing will attract new interest in horse racing and gaming,” Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth, said. “Blending historic races with the latest technology will put New Jersey on the cutting-edge of the next generation of gaming.”

Dancer’s proposal, A-4132, would permit instant racing at racetracks, off-track wagering facilities and casinos. Any casino interested in the technology would be permitted to negotiate a partnership and share revenue with a racing facility.

“We have begun a new era of cooperation between horsemen and casinos,” Dancer said. “These two industries, which have been important parts of New Jersey’s heritage and economy, can find innovative ways that will benefit the bottom lines of both.”

Kentucky, one of the first states to take advantage of this cutting-edge method of energizing interest in horse racing, has generated $356 million in little more than a year. In June, Oregon became the fifth state to allow instant racing.

“We can increase revenue for casinos, horse tracks and the state, while exposing a new generation of fans to the excitement of horse racing,” Dancer said. “The innovative electronic instant racing machines are attracting younger, video-oriented people to the sport.”

The proposal has bipartisan support from Assembly Regulatory and Gaming Committee vice chairman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucester.


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