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O’Scanlon offers more insight on Red Light Cameras

Source: Chasing NJ -

In this video, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon discusses issues with the state’s Red Light Camera Program.

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Source: Chasing New Jersey

The Republican leader of the NJ Assembly John Bramnick visits the Chasing New Jersey studio to talk about a new bill he is hoping to pass in the assembly that will help people prevent incidents like the recent Home Invasion in Millburn. The bill will make sure that anyone who enters a home that isn’t theirs to commit a crime will end up going to jail.

Bramnick is also a professional comedian who is kicking off his “Not-So-Funny” comedy tour where some of his material is based on real issues like higher taxes. Switching to politics Bramnick talks about the Democrats failure to lower property taxes and how both parties have to work together to bring down New Jersey costs.

He also comments on New Jersey corruption and how Governor Christie is really cracking down on this issue, even having the U.S Attorney indict over 100 politicians on corruption charges. And, he confirms that the biggest issue in New Jersey that isn’t being given enough attention is taxes, taxes, taxes. He says in the end people are going to end up leaving New Jersey if we don’t make it cheaper.

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