Senior Staff

Mark DUFFY, executive director.

John KINGSTON, deputy executive director.

Kevin LOGAN, chief counsel.  Aide to the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance; Judiciary; Law and Public Safety committees.


Glen BEEBE, policy director.  Aide to the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources; Regulated Professions; Telecommunications and Utilities; and Transportation and Independent Authorities committees.

Ross W. DAMMER, policy analyst.  Aide to the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development; Tourism and Gaming; Military and Veterans’ Affairs; and Homeland Security and State Preparedness committees.

Derek DELUCA, policy analyst.  Aide to the Assembly Higher Education; and Regulatory Oversight committees.

Deborah DEPIANO,  budget and appropriations deputy director.  Aide to the Assembly Budget; Appropriations; and Women and Children committees.

Natalie GHAUL, research deputy director.  Aide to the Assembly Education; Health and Senior Services; and Human Services committees.

Matthew GOULD, policy analyst.  Aide to the Assembly Consumer Affairs; Labor, State and Local Government committees.

Macrina HENNESSY, administrative assistant.

Chris HUGHES, budget and appropriations director.

Robbie KENNEY, senior communications specialist.

Theresa MAGNOLO, administrative assistant.

Susan C. MYSAK, communications deputy director.

Todd RIFFLE, communications director.

Thea SHERIDAN, research director.  Aide to Assembly Environment and Solid Waste; and Housing and Community Development committees.

Claudia TUCCILLO, administration director.