Bad News If You Like Eating Horse Meat in NJ

Ron Dancer

Who eats horse meat in New Jersey? Maybe nobody does, but soon it could be illegal just in case somebody gets a craving for a pony burger or a Clydesdale sandwich. The General Assembly has approved bipartisan legislation that would ban the slaughter or sale of horses for human consumption.

Assemblyman Ron Dancer introduced the bill after a federal ban was lifted last fall that reverses a 2006 decision by Congress to withdraw funding to inspect plants that butchered horses – effectively banning horse consumption.

Dancer says, “New Jersey does not eat horse meat and our horses will not be taken from the stable to a table. The horse is New Jersey’s state animal and we appreciate these magnificent animals for their grace and beauty. We do not want them butchered or sold to slaughterhouses in our communities for human consumption.”

From: NJ 101.5 FM


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