Rible: NJ needs to examine special education and make sure providing best possible service

Dave Rible

“I understand the outcry,” said Assemblyman Dave Rible, R-Monmouth, who has called for improvements to special education in New Jersey. “No one wants to see their children degraded or hurt.”

Rible last week urged legislative action on a measure he’s sponsored to create a task force of special education experts.

“The whole crux of my bill is to examine special education, how we’re spending money there and how we can improve it,” said Rible. “If we’re providing a service, we’ve got to provide the best possible service.”

He and Considine expressed concern that special education students could suffer as districts seek to cut costs by bringing such services into their schools, rather than paying steep tuitions to private organizations.

“I’m not against public schools,” said Rible. “But we’ve got to make sure those teachers are provided the tools that they need.”

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