Partisan Battle Over Competing Agendas

While Democrats are working on job creation bills the state can’t afford nothing is being done to lower your taxes according to Assembly Republicans.

The GOP is blasting the Democrat-controlled legislature for not taking up the “important issues,” but Democrats are firing right back.

“We’ve achieved tremendous reform for the taxpayers through the bipartisan property tax cap and pension and healthcare reform,” says Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce. “This session cannot end with unfinished work on our desks. There are substantial proposals that would deliver real savings to taxpayers, but they are conspicuous by their absence from the Assembly’s agenda.”

Assembly GOP Conference Leader Jon Bramnick says, “Let’s debate these reforms on the floor right now. Taxpayers need relief and we owe them an up or down vote on legislation like this that will save them money. Ignoring these common sense solutions won’t lower taxes or create a single job."

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