Bucco Bill Reforming Ticket Sales Law Receives Assembly Approval

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Deputy Republican Leader Anthony M. Bucco, R-Morris and Somerset, that reforms New Jersey law concerning the way tickets are sold and handled was passed by the General Assembly on Monday.

Assembly bill A-2258 provides extensive reforms that give more transparency to the way tickets are bought, handled and sold. The bill also expands the “place of entertainment” definition to include venues owned by a school, college or house of worship in the state.

Anthony M. Bucco

“Numerous reports of how the sale of tickets are mishandled or manipulated is why these comprehensive reforms are necessary,” said Bucco. “Too frequently, the ticket purchaser is put at a disadvantage because the seller takes advantage of loopholes or gray areas in the current law. This bill establishes greater transparency in the ticket selling industry which will result in better protection for the consumer.”

Bucco’s bill prohibits paperless ticket systems from being used by an issuer unless the purchaser can transfer the paperless ticket(s) at any time and at any price without additional fees, independent of the issuer.

The legislation also requires that a ticket issuer, reseller or online marketplace will provide a full refund to the purchaser of a resold ticket, including any fees, if the event is cancelled or if the ticket purchased is counterfeit.


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