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Bramnick calls for Legislative leaders to meet prior to Assembly vote on AC

Jon Bramnick

Press Release – Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick called for the Legislative leaders to meet before the Atlantic City takeover vote in the Assembly tomorrow and hammer out a compromise.

“People expect their leaders to work together during a crisis, not against each other,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “I call for the Legislative leaders of both houses to meet tomorrow at 11 a.m. to work out a compromise.”

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Problems Unveiled by SCI Report on Online Tax Sales Addressed in Dancer Legislation

Assembly Republican Press Release -

A critical report on New Jersey’s online municipal tax lien auctions issued Tuesday by the State Commission of Investigation recommended a series of remedies contained in legislation (A2887) introduced by Assemblyman Ron Dancer in February.

Ron Dancer

“Not only did the state’s investigation uncover serious weaknesses and flaws in the current online tax sale pilot process, it asserted the benefits in my bill as a comprehensive countermeasure that will save taxpayer money by increasing competition,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “In light of the SCI findings, it is my hope that the Legislature will move quickly to pass my bill. I think it is important to allow municipalities this opportunity prior to scheduling year-end municipal tax lien sales.”

The SCI report was critical of the Department of Community Affairs for its failure to issue any rules or regulations 15 years after legislation enacted in 2001 authorized electronic tax lien sales in New Jersey. Moreover, the department was chided for allowing a single contractor to dominate the market for online tax auctions without competitive bidding.

The report includes a footnote regarding Dancer’s bill: “In fact, legislation has recently been introduced in the General Assembly (A2887) that would effectively eliminate DCA’s pilot program by amending the 2001 electronic tax sale enabling statute such that pilot programs would no longer be permitted. … Accordingly, this legislation underscores the importance and necessity for DCA to efficiently establish such rules, regulations and procedures.”

“Every town is required to conduct a tax lien sale annually to recover money for delinquent taxes and fees for services. Almost 90 towns have utilized the current online electronic tax sale process, and the SCI report states that the process can be conducted in a fair and orderly fashion, allowing efficiencies,” Dancer said. “It is time to open this program up to competition, and make it easier for towns to participate and benefit. My legislation will expand and facilitate the online opportunity to hundreds of other municipalities, providing immediate relief to property taxpayers.”

CLICK HERE to view the Commission of Investigation report

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O’Scanlon Statement Lauding Corrections for Setting New National Standard

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, the Republican budget officer, issued the following statement commending the work of the state Department of Corrections and the Parole Board:

Declan O'Scanlon

“New Jersey has been an easy mark. Legislators, the media, entertainers and the public find it easy to point their fingers at the state and say ‘Things Stink!’ Often this declaration is with good cause: New Jersey ranks last in ‘such and such,’ New Jersey lags other states in ‘you name it,’ New Jersey has the highest rate in the history of the world of ‘some malady. It’s refreshing to know, however, that this isn’t the case every time. In something as crucial as preventing crime, rehabilitating offenders, reducing recidivism, New Jersey has become a successful model for other states to follow.

“Through addiction treatment services, and education and occupational training opportunities, not only are we locking up the bad guys, we are effectively preparing them for a successful transition to life outside the prison walls. Providing ex-offenders with the tools and resources to attain long-term employment and housing is the most effective way to slow the revolving door of return offenders.

“Clearly, the Governor’s leadership in how the courts and the prisons deal with addiction, incarceration and rehabilitation is paying dividends. It’s no wonder other states want to duplicate what New Jersey is doing.

“Dealing effectively with crime and incarceration is a win on every level — Lower crime impact on residents, lower costs of the criminal justice system and, on the moral level, people who are not in jail are people in their communities, working, spending time with family, and living productive lives. About all this – FEEL GOOD NEW JERSEY!”

  • New Jersey is the recognized leader in the reduction of recidivism and incarceration rates.
  • A recent publication by The Sentencing Project found 12 states with double-digit declines in prison population from 1999 to 2014. Only four states in the study reduced prison populations by 20 percent or more, and New Jersey stood above all the other examined states with a 31 percent decline.
  • The state recidivism rate during the same period decreased from 48 percent to 32 percent in 2015, one of the most significant reduction in the country.
  • The crime rate in New Jersey shrank by 20 percent between 2011 and 2014, and according to a crime survey by SafeWise released in 2015, “New Jersey’s crime rate is approximately 30 percent less than the typical state in the U.S.”
  • Inmates earned 3,000 vocational training certificates in 2015, in industries including masonry, culinary arts and horticulture
  • 38 high school diplomas and more than 340 high school equivalency diplomas were earned in 2015

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Ciattarelli asks U.S. lawmakers to make federal property subject to local fire codes

Source: Assembly Republican Press Release -

Jack Ciattarelli

Citing public health and safety concerns, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is asking the district’s congressional delegation to revisit “sovereign immunity” so that federal property used for commercial purposes is subject to local fire regulations. Sovereign immunity is a legal doctrine by which the federal government cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution.

Ciattarelli’s request is in response to a February fire at Veterans Industrial Park in Hillsborough that is owned by the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA leases the property to a private company that subleases warehouse space to various commercial enterprises. Although the federally owned and operated property may be inspected and cited for fire code violations by local officials, those local fire codes cannot be enforced due to sovereign immunity.

In a letter to U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker and U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance, Ciattarelli (R-Somerset), wrote, “The sovereign immunity exemption is a contentious issue in the community. Reason being, it is the municipality and its emergency management service agencies that are responsible for the public health and safety in responding to any dangerous event.

“Regulations that exempt federal property used for governmental purposes from state and local fire codes are arguably bad. Regulations that exempt federal property used for commercial purposes from state and local fire codes are seemingly outrageous.

“With this in mind, a change in federal regulations is warranted. Namely, at the very least, when federal property is leased to the private sector for commercial purposes, the lease agreements should state that tenants are subject to state and local fire codes, including complete compliance and citations for non-compliance.”

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Clifton and Dancer urge BPU to reject NJNG’s 24 percent rate hike

Rob Clifton

Press Release – Assemblymen Rob Clifton and Ron Dancer, both R-Ocean, expressed their opposition to New Jersey Natural Gas’ (NJNG) request for a 24.2 percent rate increase at a Board of Public Utilities (BPU) public hearing held Wednesday at the Freehold Township Municipal Building. Clifton and Dancer submitted the following statement:

“New Jersey’s infamous high tax burden and overall high cost of living makes it extremely difficult for families, senior citizens and our small business community to make ends meet. New Jersey Natural Gas wants to add to their misery with an outrageous proposal to increase rates by more than 24 percent.

“It’s especially unconscionable that a public utility, which is supposed to serve the public interest, is attempting to raise prices on customers when the company’s top five executives raised their compensation by 40 percent from the previous year. If NJNG can afford such a steep pay raise for its executives, then it can afford to provide customers with service without picking the ratepayer’s pocket.

Ron Dancer

“Such a steep increase will have a domino effect. Small business owners won’t be able to absorb a 24 percent rate hike. Ultimately, that cost will be passed on to consumers. For senior citizens living on a fixed income, this will create another hardship. Many will be forced to choose between paying their gas bill and buying medication or adequate food.

“We strongly urge the BPU to reject NJNG’s proposal because of the highly burdensome effect such a large increase will have on our residents.”

NJNG made the request to the BPU in November. If granted, the average residential customer using 100 therms a month will pay $260.28 more per year.

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Space Urges Schools to Register for the ‘Farm to School’ Award Program

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Assemblyman Parker Space is urging schools to register for “Best in New Jersey Farm to School Award” consideration before the June 1 deadline. Space prime sponsored the legislation creating the award that was signed by Gov. Chris Christie in August 2014. New Jersey’s farm to school initiative encourages healthy eating habits by giving kids hands-on learning opportunities to help students embrace local agriculture.

Parker Space

“New Jersey farmers supply the best quality products in the country,” said Space. “Of all the valuable knowledge learned by students in the classroom, teaching them that eating good Jersey fresh fruits and vegetables is a lesson meant to last a lifetime.”

One exemplary school will be chosen for participating in the most extensive number of meaningful farm to school activities and will be presented with the Best in New Jersey Farm to School Award during Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week, September 26 to 30, 2016. All schools participating will be recognized for their efforts.

Schools looking for more information can go to the New Jersey Farm to School Award website at

Space serves on the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

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Bramnick calls on AC Council to cut its salaries while facing bankruptcy

Source: Assembly Republican Press Release -

Jon Bramnick

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick commented on the Atlantic City Council’s decision not to consider a fellow councilman’s proposal for cutting salaries of top officials by 20 percent while facing bankruptcy.

“They should cut their salaries,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “In a time of fiscal crisis, top leaders need to take some responsibility before expecting state taxpayers to make sacrifices to help.”

An Atlantic City councilman said Tuesday he will introduce a resolution next week to make reductions to the mayor’s salary and the salaries of the city’s nine council members.

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Trenton Charter School Strikes Chord with Assemblyman Auth

Assembly Republican Press Release -

Assemblyman Robert Auth, R-Bergen, recently visited the students and staff at Trenton’s Foundation Academy Charter School, and was blown away by the success of the school and its students.

Robert Auth

Robert Auth

“Foundation Academy exemplifies hard work, high standards and unmatched student achievement,” said Auth. “This school is truly making a difference for students in Trenton.”

One-hundred percent of Foundation Academy’s graduates have been accepted to four-year schools the past three years. On a recent legislative session day, Auth noticed students from the school performing music outside of the statehouse.

“The students invited me to attend their music recital, and I was incredibly impressed. These kids are extremely talented and poised,” continued Auth. “I brought my violin along and screeched through a few songs. The kids politely endured my playing, but assured me they could help me up my game.”

Auth is the newest member of the Assembly Education Committee.


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Mayor’s group names Bucco Legislator of the Year

Press Release – Assembly Deputy Republican Leader Anthony M. Bucco, R-Morris, has been selected by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors as its Republican “Legislators of the Year” for his on-going support and efforts in keeping open the lines of communication with local officials and his constituents.

Anthony M. Bucco

“It’s an honor to be a recipient of the Mayors’ Award. I appreciate this recognition especially coming from the state’s mayors who work so hard at the local level,” said Bucco. “Advocating for our taxpayers has always been a priority for me. With valuable insight from mayors and other local officials, I will continue to support policies that provide tax relief, encourage job creation and reduce Trenton’s bureaucracy in an effort to make New Jersey more affordable.”

Bucco will be presented with the award at the organization’s annual conference in Atlantic City on Thursday, April 28 at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

The New Jersey Conference of Mayors is the oldest and largest statewide mayors organization in the nation. It represents the interest of mayors at the state, federal and administrative levels, with the intent of promoting the interests of the people of New Jersey with the goal of improving their quality of life.

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Webber: Senate Democrats make offer that’s easily refused

Press Release – Senate Democrats this week outlined a set of potential tax reforms as proposed trades for a gas-tax increase to fund a $2 billion annual plan for the Transportation Trust Fund. Reports also revealed the Democrat deal-makers’ saying they could “pull the plug” on tax reductions if the New Jersey economy does not grow enough to produce sufficient revenues. In response, Assemblyman Jay Webber issued the following statement:

“The Senate Democrats make an offer that’s easily refused.

Jay Webber

“New Jersey’s number one problem is over-taxation at every level — property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, you name it — so any talk of reducing taxes is welcomed. In fact, I sponsor bills that would accomplish all three tax reforms the Senate Democrats propose: elimination of the death tax, deduction for charitable contributions, and exemption for retirement income.

“But notice the bait-and-switch already built into this tax trade-off proposal. They would impose an immediate and permanent gas-tax increase on New Jersey’s overtaxed residents in exchange for a phased-in estate-tax reduction they already plan to revoke. Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before: no sooner will the gas tax go up than will a Trenton drum-beat of ‘we can’t afford the tax reductions anymore’ begin. The Democrats will grab-back that revenue because they refuse to control their spending, the tax trade-off deal will be tossed to the wind, and New Jerseyans will be left with an even greater tax burden. It is the tax relief that should be full, immediate, and permanent, not the tax increase. Again, New Jersey’s number one problem is its taxes, and it does us no good to make that worse as we try to solve other challenges.

“Remarkably, what is still missing from the ‘discussion’ (the Trenton-speak term so often used) on the Transportation Trust Fund is any attempt at all to address the outrageous costs of building and maintaining New Jersey roads. Under the NJDOT’s own numbers, New Jersey’s roads are the most expensive in the nation, an extreme outlier even among our neighboring states. Any solution to the Transportation Trust Fund must include real and credible savings and efficiencies so that New Jersey’s taxpayers will know that their money is being spent wisely.”

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